Getting Started

Are you interested in the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting?
Tired of your current training routine and are you looking for a different way to achieve your desired level of fitness?
Are you looking for a new competitive outlet?

Olympic style weightlifting might be your answer.

One definition of Olympic Style Weightlifting
“In comparison with other strength sports, which test limit strength (with or without lifting aids), Olympic weightlifting tests aspects of human ballistic limits (explosive strength) and are therefore executed faster—and with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution – than other lifts. Properly executed, the snatch and the clean and jerk are both dynamic and explosive while appearing graceful, especially when viewed from a recording at a slowed speed.”

How do I get Started?

1. Drop us an email or fill out the form. We will contact you back and set up a meeting with one of our staff.

2. If you are brand new to the olympic lifts please do not worry!!! We will require all brand new members to complete 6 one on one sessions prior to lifting with the club. During these 60 minute sessions we will teach you the correct and safe way to train!

6 Introductory sessions will be priced at 49 dollars per session! (price only applicable to new members and or new barbell club members)

Unlimited Access Membership
195 per month

Limited Access (3 days per week)
165 per month

Individualized Program Design
325 Per month (includes email correspondence, workouts, year long templates for training cycles, unlimited gym access)

Private Olympic Lifting Coaching
79 dollars per session with discounts for packages available
Small group rates are available as well