Derek Freiberg

Poliquin PICP Level 1 and 2 Certified
Poliquin Bio Signature Level 1

Derek grew up in Lockport IL a suburb of Chicago IL. He has always had a deep rooted love for athletics and more importantly strength training. He has over six years experience coaching high school athletics and also over four years experience working in the industry of personal/small group training. Derek has completed the Poliquin Group Level One and level Two PICP coaches courses and also has attained his BioSignature Certification for Body Composition Analysis and also Supplementation. In 2014 Derek will be attending the Stretch to Win “Fascial Stretch” Seminar and also the Poliquin Group Level 3 Certification.

Kelsey Dipman

Originally from Manhattan Kansas, Kelsey has been training small group classes since July of 2010. Over the last few years she has found a passion for Olympic Weightlifting, gaining strength and also competing in CrossFit. In undergraduate Kelsey was a member of her college softball team. Over the past few years Kelsey has completed many half marathons and competed on the CrossFit Construct Team at North Central Regional in both 2012 and 2013. This year she competed in the Mid-American Weightlifting Championship and looks forward to getting her feet wet in more competitions during 2014. Kelsey currently holds a Poliquin Bio-Signature Certification and is looking forward to completing her Poliquin Level 1 and 2 Certifications in May of 2014. Kelsey is currently working on completing her masters in Nutrition and is excited to help each member fuel their bodies toward their goals.

Mayra Saldarriaga

USAW Certified Club Coach

Mayra is 24 years old and originally from Wellington Florida. She is currently a student and also a trainer at Chicago Strength. She has been training athletes for over 3 years. Mayra loves helping other reach their physical goals. Her journey began while training others as a CrossFit instructor, and also as well as an Olympic weightlifting coach. On top of her training schedule Mayra is also an accomplished athlete. This past year Mayra has qualified for the 2013 American Weightlifting Open in the 58Kg class. Earlier in 2013 she qualified and placed 21st. in the North Central Region for the CrossFit Games. She has also participated in Track and Field, cheerleading, and Muay Thai/ Brazilian Jiujitsu. Mayra will be finishing the Poliquin Level One and Level Two PICP Courses this coming May.

James Agabao

Coming from Los Angeles, James has always been active in sports. While in college, he competed in numerous triathlons and was on the Cal State Fullerton Rugby team. Once he graduated, he moved on from organized team sports to individual sports, where he spent 3 years practicing MMA. It was during this time where strength and conditioning training piqued his interest. James has spent the last 3 years training both individual clients as well as group classes.

Jim White

MSc – Human Performance
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Poliquin PICP Level 1 Certified
USAW Level 1 Certified

Jim grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He participated in a variety of sports growing up, but found his true passion was the strength training and conditioning needed to enhance sports
performance. He has over 10 years of experience working with general population clients,
weightlifters and athletes, from amateur all the way up to the collegiate level. He also worked as a Lecturer at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse for five years, teaching the fundamentals of strength & conditioning. Jim has been CSCS certified for over 10 years, as well as completing the Poliquin Group Level One coach course. He also holds his USA Weightlifting Level One certification, and has worked with a number of Olympic weightlifters over the years.